Are you just learning how to fly RC helicopters? If so then it’s important to take the right steps to produce the best results. There are various tips you could follow but here are some of the best ones:

  1. Check the helicopter after a crash

It’s important to check it thoroughly before you fly it again. This will help to avoid having to spend a small fortune on parts and labor to fix problems with your remote control helicopter. It’s always best to go with your gut feeling if something doesn’t look, sound or smell right.

For example, after flying an RC helicopter for a while, you’ll be able to detect when the engine has issues. When that happens, it’s critical to check it immediately.

  1. Use small movements

The reason is if you make fast changes to speed/direction it can cause you to lose control of the helicopter. That, in turn, can result in the helicopter crashing, which is a situation you’ll want to avoid when operating the RC machine.

  1. Get used to the directional controls

For example, when using 2-channel helicopters, there’s only control of the up/down movement as well as the left/right rotation. The helicopters aren’t able to hover in one place, and instead, their default movement is forward.

Then there are 3-channel helicopters. This allows you to move the unit forward/backwards. So this allows your unit to hover in one place if you set it to zero.

Then there’s 4-channle helicopter, which can move sideways. Keep in mind the more control that you have using the unit, the more practice you’ll need to put in so you can boost your skills. So there are pros and cons to having more control over the helicopter.   

  1. Land the helicopter slowly

It’s important to do it slowly and gradually. The reason is if you do it too quickly it can cause the helicopter to spin out of control and even crash. I the case a crash could happen immediately, stop the unit’s throttle. The reason is there’s a greater chance the rotor could break if it’s spinning when it hits the ground.

  1. Let the battery cool between flights

The reason is a hot battery is unable to charge effectively. That could affect the fun you have after 2-3 minutes rather than 5-7 minutes. It’s not a lot of extra time so you should probably consider buying an extra battery. That will give you the option swap in/out another battery when the other one is getting charged.

It’s worth spending some extra time before your next flying session if it means you’ll have up to 3x more time operating the unit.

If you consider these tips for flying RC helicopters, you’ll have the best experience possible. These are all helpful tips because they can help to make your RC unit fly smoothly. If you detect any issues while flying the helicopter make sure to take measures immediately. That will help to make sure the problem is solved as soon as possible.